Networking Solutions

Creative Technology works with Home / Home Business Owners to create "a built to your needs" Home Network solution, and provide professional IT support services for the home, whether this is a wired or wireless network design.

We specialize in providing Small Business Offices with Professional IT solutions. Our goal is to design and build the best Network for your organization, with the highest degree of functionality at the lowest reasonable cost.

Networking Solutions

  • Wireless networking for homes and businesses
  • LAN Pre-wire in new construction
  • Setup of Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) Networks
  • SOHO Internet Gateway Router installation and configuration (Netgear, Cisco)
  • Firewall Installation and Setup
  • Internal/Corporate Email System Setup
  • Many other networking related services!

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Wireless Networking

A relatively new topology is called 802.11b, also known as Wireless. This topology connects computers together without wires. Wireless networks are currently the fastest growing type of networks in the U.S. because users can set them up without running cables between their computers. They also allow a user with a laptop the freedom to roam about their house, or in some cases, their front or backyard, and still maintain access to the Internet and the rest of their network. This solution is more elegant than Ethernet when the computers are far apart from each other or from the Wireless modem.

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Ethernet Networking

Ethernet, along with its speedier counterpart Fast Ethernet, is the most popular networking standard in use today. If the computers at your workplace are running on a network, they are most likely connected with Ethernet technology.

Ethernet networks are generally faster than the alternatives, although other technologies are closing the speed gap. Because Ethernet is so popular and simple, the essential components of Ethernet networking are easily available and surprisingly inexpensive.

To build an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet network in your home, you will need one Ethernet or Fast Ethernet network card or adapter per computer. Ethernet network cards are installed inside your computer, while network adapters are external. You will also need at least one hub or switch to act as the central point of your network. Unlike a Phoneline network, you can't string the computers of an Ethernet network directly into one another. They must connect at a central point.

Special cabling (technically called Category 5 UTP) is required to build an Ethernet network. One end of an RJ-45 cable plugs directly into a computer's Ethernet network card or adapter, and the other end plugs into a switch, hub, or similar device, connecting that computer to the other networked computers.

Ethernet or Fast Ethernet networking is the best home networking solution if speed is your primary networking concern.

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